Dr. Judo 100% Natural & Organic

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Dr. Judo 100% Natural & Organic Composition. Four in One solution for all crops, plant and trees. Powerful composition made from different extracts of trees & organic product of Nature.

Features: Growth Promotion & Enhance the Immunity power.

Protect from: Viral Infection + Insects & Fungus effectively.

Composition: Soluble containing organic product of Natural Nitrogen , Ammonia ,Sulphur ,Phosphorus, Zinc ,Manganese ,Iron, Natural Volatile Etc …

How To Use:-

  • Dripping System:- Take 1 Litters of Dr. Judo and properly mix with normal water and drip to 1 Acre area of land.
  • Drenching System:- Dr. Judo drench drop by drop to main source of water supply of your farm. Let passes the normal water till 10 minutes then start drenching Dr. Judo
  • Dosage:-1 Litters/Acre.
  • Packing Size: – 1 / 5 / 35 Ltrs. Can

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