Dr.Fruit Growth


Dr.Fruit Growth Nano Potash is a unique Latest proteins gluconate (LPG) formulation, formulated with organic acids based on chelated Potash, vitamins, and probiotics. This product when used as a foliar spray at critical stages offers the biggest opportunity of replacing direct Potash application.

Dr. Fruit Growth Nano Technology Based Organic Liquid Fertilizer Potash Mobilizing Bacteria improves the availability of potash in soil and is suitable for all crops. It helps to increase the crop yield and improves soil health by enhancing the nutrient content. It is essential for the formation of plant cells. Potash Mobilizing Bacteria helps to convert insoluble inorganic potash into a simple and soluble form. It mobilizes potash in plants in all types of soil.


Dr.Fruit Growth is free leaving bacteria that secrete organic acid compounds. which solubilizes and transforms unavailable potash into available form in all soil with different PH ranges.

It decreases the use of potash fertilizer. Significantly plays an essential role in enzyme activation, protein synthesis, photosynthesis, water retention, immunity development, and soil biodiversity. Induces enhanced growth, quality produce, and higher yield. It`s suitable for all crops.

  • Dr.Fruit Growth is an organically derived natural bioactive fertilizer. As a result that is very effective and bioavailable containing high carbon content.
  • Potassium Mobilizing Bio Fertilisers contain bacteria that are capable of solubilizing inorganic potassium from insoluble compounds and providing it for plant uptake. These microorganisms are generally known as potassium dissolving bacteria or potassium solubilizing bacteria.

Benefits of Dr.Fruit Growth:

  • Eco-friendly and certified organic product
  • Significantly reduces the dependency on chemical fertilizer
  • Moreover reduces the intensity of chlorosis
  • Increases stress tolerance of plants
  • Compatible with chemical pesticides and fertilizer
  • Useful for all crops and all soils.
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Especially increases crop yield
  • Contains¬†potassium solubilizing bacteria or potassium dissolving bacteria.
  • Overall eco-friendly
  • Additionally increases the availability of potassium
  • Basically useful for all crops
  • Converts inorganic potassium to organic for plants uptake


Apply in cotton, paddy, sugarcane, potato, pulses, oil seed, cereals, vegetables, fruit crops, tea, coffee, ornamental, and home plants. At the rate of 500ml per acre by drench or drip irrigation in soil.

Application: 500ml per acre.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 14 cm

15 Ltr, 5 Ltr


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