Dr.Urja Activator 182-5 nos


Dr. Urja Activator liquid has been prepared by a special type of technology by studying the 182 different vegetation and land by Kama International Organic in the form of a solution to farmers’ questions Since last 4-5 years.

Dr. Urja Activator 182 An ideal organic / natural liquid enriched formulation; prepared from naturally available resources Soils  & 182 Herbs.containing micro & trace elements. Easy to use with regular irrigation systems, drip irrigation or sprayers. Enhances faster growth.


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Benefits of Dr.Urja Activator 182:

  • By giving them in the land, the soil is flexible and filling well.
  • Creates new passion and passion in the Land.
  • Growing a large amount of new white fibers in a planted crop & increases significantly.
  • Disintegrates fungi and insect pests into the soil
  • Increasing the pore-spaces of the ground makes the process of new microorganisms fluctuate
  • Land and plants make essential elements easily accessible
  • Giving to the soil works together as well as the environment both plants and land simultaneously
  • Mixing the Dr. Urja Activator 182 solvent with a solution made by any biological method makes its process fluctuate, with the reduction of the amount of solution used.

 Dr. Urja activator 182: used in all crops such as cotton, peanuts, paddy, oilseed crops, rootstock crops, vegetable crops, rabi crops, pulses, etc.

Method of formation of a solution of Dr.Urja Activator 182

Equipment Materials –

5-liter pure water

200 grams of wheat gram flour

1 pressure/aluminium pressure cooker

12 Ripe bananas

200 gm jaggary

200 gm  yogurt

5 ml Dr. Urja Activator 182

The process of making a solution-

solution-1: first Take the pressure cooker then take 5 liters of water and 200 gms of wheat flour and mix the whole mixture so that it gets purified. Put the heat on low temperature to the solution continuously for 30 minutes. while the solution becomes thick so let it cool down.

Solution-2: On the other hand, take a full 12-Ripe banana and mix it in a mixer with peel.

Solution-3: Take 200 grams of yogurt in a bowl and mix 200 gm jaggery in a systematic manner.


When the solution is Lukewarm, mix 5 ml of Dr. Urja activator and keep stirring in the direction of the universe for 5 minutes.

  • Then after mixing the banana solution 2.
  • Than Mix Solution 3 and stir well.
  • Fill the above solution in a 5-liter empty jar. Keep in mind that this solution is to be airtight.
  • The Dr. Urja activator 182 solutions will be ready in seven days.

On the 8th day, take 200 liters of water and mix chopped 2 kg black jaggery in this water. Mix the above solution in it and let it stay for 12 hours. After 12 hours a wonderful elixir solution will look ready.

How to Use of Dr. Urja Activator 182 solution

  1. The solution can also be used by making an Amrit solution.
  2. The solution can also be used in the soil by mixing it with compost fertilizers.
  3. This solution is also used for seed treatment.
  4. Will be given on the land with flood water/drip irrigation
  5. The solution can be used by spraying on the plants
  • Usage: 5 ml per acre)
  • Packing is available in 5 ml



– Use 200 liters of solution in 1 acre

– Put this solution in shadow & can be used in this solution for up to 30 months

– This solution can multiply 3 times.

The information and suggestions given here are based on the best information available to us and we consider it to be true and correct and not to believe that the product is presented for warranty or reason therefore it is accepted that please use the product before using it. Be sure to read the given information


Do not harm humans, animals, and the environment.


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