Dr. Unitech 5 Ltr + Dr. Fungstar 5 Ltr

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Recommended crops

  • Mango Tree, Banana, Brinjal, Chili, Tomato, Potato, Lady finger, Bitter gourd, Bottle Gourd like all vegetables and Cotton, Sesame, Ground nut, Cumin, Sugarcane, Water melon, paddy, Wheat, Garlic, Onion, Gerbera, Rose, Sun flower, like All oil seed & Horticulture crops. Also
  • Use In All Crops
  • 100 % conversion would impact yields.

Direction of Use:


  • Spraying, Soil Application, Fertigation (Drip Or Sprinkler Irrigation)
  • Dilute 4-5 ml in 1 Liter of water and spray using foliar spray over crops.
  • Soil Application: 1 Liter in 1 acre land.
  • Shake well before use. Stir well
  • Store at room temperature and avoid exposure to sunlight
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Our organic Liquid Nutrient’s Brand Name is “Dr Unitech” most popular in Gujarat. The Liquid Organic Nutrient Dr Unitech is a Nutrition Master for the all crops.It act As Food,Security,And natural bio stimulator of plant growth and development, This product is in the form of concentrated organic liquid spray and combines high-powered Nutrients, vitamins, energizers and other Micro Nutrients for Powerful Results.  A special production technology developed by the NAIP. Dr Unitech is not only NPK, but also a natural microbiological product, possessing unique biological activity and a broad spectrum of action.

Dr Unitech (Liquid Organic Nutrients), that helps in growth of plants while also maintaining the quality of healthy land. It aids the sustainable growth of various crops that absorb it more quickly than other fertilizers.



  • It provides all essential nutrients like N, P, K and secondary elements, Nutrients, vitamins, energizers hormones for the balanced growth of crops.
  • It stimulates flowering and overall growth of crops
  • It stimulates chlorophyll synthesis as well as new tissue generation.
  • Provide additional energy for better yield.
  • Reduce pre-dropping of flowers and fruit.


  • It is 100 % organic product.
  • Nutrition master for all crops.
  • It also contains growth hormones like gibbrelic acid and cytokinine.
  • It increase flowering parentage in mango if spray during early flowering stage
  • It also reduce fruit drop and increase fruit size and setting if spray at pea and marble stage
  • It is an growth promoter, it is very helpful in nursery plants
  • In sugarcane and banana, it gives a very good yield; also in vegetable crops give a better yield.
  • It can be apply as fertigation, spray, drenching and injection method

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 15 × 16 cm


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