Dr. Aerodi 1 Ltr

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We offer Dr. Adam of 100% natural, organic and herbal compositions to control the sucking pest problem in crop lands and gardens. All these compositions are prepared using purest quality herbs and natural ingredients comparable to international quality standards. These sucking pest controllers Contribute to the overall wellness of the plants. Moreover, we offer sucking pest compositions at most competitive costs.

Dose : 4-5 ml per Liter of water
Recommended Crops : Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops.
Application Time: Pre or post application. Repeat spray after 7-8 days interval.
Compatibility : Compatible with most of all pesticides / fungicides / PGR

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We offer Dr. Aerodi of 100% natural, A new research product which is known for defending the plants from pests like Thrips, Leafminers, Mites, Aphids, Psylla, White fly etc. It is stored in hygienic conditions and work with systemic action on various kinds of mites and different sorts of sucking pests. We test this product on different quality standards and within 24 hrs. to 48 hrs., its effect on the mites is accomplished. We are offering it in various ranges and a highlight is that it is an eco-friendly product. We package them in fine quality materials and these could be used on all crops without any residue or side effect.


  • Acts as potent insect anti feedant
  • Pure
  • Longer shelf life


It act as contact and stomach poison for the all insect

It blocks the synthesis and release of molting hormones from prothoracic gland

Insect stops feeding and eating and insect becomes dies

It is act as potent insect antifeedant

This unique combination of organic and herbal extracts is highly effective for removing pest and larva from the crops

Function : To control Larva, sucking pest & Growth Promotion

Recommended Crops : Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops.
Application Time : Pre OR post application
Compatibility : Compatible with most of all pesticides / fungicides / PGR

Pack In : HDPE Bottles
Packing Available : 1 Lt/5 Lt/15 ltr
Bulk Packing Available : 200 Lt HDPE container


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 14 cm

1 Ltr, 15 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 500 ml


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