Anti radiation chips KAMA


Safe Chip KAMA is a Radiation Protector Chip that when fixed on a Mobile Phone, neutralizes the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted from the Mobile Phone completely. This is done by changing the nature of harmful radiations and making it non-bio-effective for the human body without reducing the signal strength or quality of the device.

The Safe Chip KAMA has been tested extensively by reputed medical institutions in India. Tests on more than 500 people have shown that their stress levels have reduced by over 5%, which is medically significant. Improvements can be seen in various health parameters such as Pulse rate and Immunity. Fix the Safe Chip KAMA on the back of your Mobile Phone. Content of the Packaging: One pack with one chip for a Mobile Phone along with an instruction manual.

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Anti radiation chips KAMA:

Anti radiation chips are designed especially to manage the non-thermal aspect of radiation emitted from electronic gadgets. They do so by neutralizing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiations emitted from them so that there is no biological damage to the human body.

10-reasons why Safe Chip is perfect-

1. Based on new technology (Safe Chip KAMA brand in India which is basically on new technology)

2. Micro Banana Fiber Strip Mesh with Safe Chip used as a base material for enhanced conductivity

3. A sleek size of 0.5mm Thick x10 cm width x 07 cm breadth to fit in any mobile device

4. Additionally, shields EMR up to 99.9% – the highest in the product range

5. High frequency attenuation range > 80 dB (MIL-STD-285)

6. Embedded Mesh Antenna Technology in the product multiplies the signals.

7. Overall safe Chip’s thermal conductivity reduces the heat generated by mobile.

8. Anti radiation chips are water resistant.

9. Easy to regular use for pocket or mobile.

10. RoH compliant adhesive tape – the chip doesn’t fall off even after the 5-year. Adhesive tape is used for bonding the substrates meeting RoH compliance.

11. Particularly the Safe Chip is heat resistant and will sustain even at a temperature of 130° C Anti Radiation Chip for all types of Mobiles and Laptops Anti Radiation Mobile Chip for Protection and Better Health.


That is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. ( radiation chip for mobile, anti-radiation Moreover, Safe Chip radiation protector for mobile, anti-radiation card, anti-radiation chip for Wi-Fi, anti-radiation mobile sticker) The Positive effects of ANTI RADIATION MOBILE CHIP are: Reduces radiation from electronic applied objects Enhances sports performance significantly.

Features Type: In short mr.Sticker / emr patch is also used for mobile, phone, tablet, laptop, PC, computer, television LCD, led, Wi-Fi and can be used on all electronic devices.

Colour: Natural


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