Kama International Organic Expert  In Making  Organic agriculture products. Significantly a broad range of Organic Fertilizer, Organic Fungicides, Organic Sucking-pest Products, Organic Virus Controllers, Organic Larvicides, Organic Nimetod Controllers, and Organic PH Ba-lancer are manufactured by Kama International Organic Pvt Ltd.
We have 42+ products approved for use in Control Diseases, Soil  Management, Pest Management, Virus, and Nimetod Controller. Especially our Product has the Best Efficacy, Quality and follows global standards with Guaranteed purity.
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Our Vision:

We strive to fetch the Ancient Indian farming and flooding tradition back into our culture, for this purpose get the leading producer and supplier of organic products, and become a trusted companion for farmers across India. Even if doing our bit to help make farming profitable and environment friendly.

Our Purpose:

As shown above, our main objective is to save the farmers via more production by using our research capacity for non-toxic farming. As much as encourage, develop and improve Ancient Sustainable Indian Farming Techniques for farmers. Another key point is to make chemical-free, healthy food products for everyone. We aim to build a disease-free India by increasing the production of organic products, at first connecting with as many farmers as possible and protecting the health of children and the elderly. Finally, let`s build a strong India by providing safe agriculture products and guidance to overall every problem in agriculture.

Our products:

Fertilizer Solution for the soil that help boost internal immunity, particularly destroy disease and pests.

Fungicides Solution for control both soil and air borne diseases.

Sucking-pest Product– Solution for control sucking pets and insects. Moreover, control soil pets, caterpillars, mealy bugs and white fly.

Virus Controlller– Solution for control virus like TMV(tobacco mosaic virus),CMV (cucumber mosaic virus),PSV( peanut stunt virus),CMV(cauliflower mosaic virus).

Larvicides-Solution of larvicides killing mosquitoes larvae before they can grow into adults.

Nimetod Controller Solution for control such as nematodes and its species.

PH Ba-lancer Solution for increase soil low PH and contain with N, p , k organic carbon. As well as able to give better result than chemical fertilizer.